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First off, I am so glad you are here reading this blog page about The Side Hustle Weekly. I hope after reading this post you will be excited about what we will provide you, as I think it will be some remarkable content and strategies that you can apply to side hustle.

Truth be told I’m not much of a writer but to start out I wanted to start a blog. Hopefully, that will lead into a podcast here shortly because I would love to bring on some great side hustlers turned entrepreneurs to interview them. And then give you all the insights that they know so you could possibly use those strategies and tactics in your business. The 3 main topics I will start focusing on in our newsletter is first, trending side hustles – this will include trends in new side hustles or spin offs of previously well known side hustles where they are doing something different. Second, new strategies and just overall tips on how you can improve your side hustle – whether that is ads, marketing or processes – I want to help you become better at your craft and I hope that this section will capture that. Third, case studies and/or stories from side hustlers turned entrepreneur as I’m assuming that is what we all want to be.

I am assuming you are wondering who I am, and I would be too. My name is Casey, I am a software developer currently with multiple side hustles – and will soon be a full time entrepreneur. I have real estate side hustles, investments, web development and digital marketing all as a side hustle currently and want to document my journey through this along with helping others through the crazy journey of being a side hustler. Through this newsletter, I do plan on sharing my struggles and successes with you throughout (unless you hate it then I will stop) and I hope that it will provide you some comfort that I, along with many other people, make a lot of mistakes as well.

I really hope you enjoy The Side Hustle Weekly newsletter, and I really hope you subscribe because I would love for you to be apart of this special group side hustlers turning entrepreneurs.

To subscribe to the newsletter, simply go here! Hope to see you there. And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @side_hustle_weekly and Twitter @hustle_weekly